How To Contribute


By contributing to the token sale you agree to accept the Token Sale Agreement

Reward: 1 Bulk Token for every 0.00005 ETH of your contribution excluding ICO related bonus rewards.
Example Transaction: 1 ETH = 20 000 Bulk Trader Tokens + 50% Pre ICO Bonus (10 000 Bulk Trader Tokens) = 30 000 Bulk Trader Tokens

Smart Contract Payments

<Pay using

Manual Payments

You will need an ERC20 complaint wallet to receive Bulk Trader tokens for manual payment options. We recommend using MetaMask which you can download for free.

Min 0,2 ETH for payments / converted

Pay witb mulitple cryptocurrency tokens using CoinPayments (BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, BSV, BTG, WAVES, ETC, DODGE, DGB, XMR, DASH, BNB)

Pay with CoinPayments
After contribution, please fill in This Form

Bulk Trader tokens will be sent to your Ethereum address within 5 days. All funds received will be used for Platform Development, Exchange Listings, Marketing, Legal, Mobile and Web Wallets Development, and General Partnerships.

Thank you for supporting the Bulk Trader Platform